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My approach

I have a friendly and informal style and place significant emphasis on the strength of the therapeutic relationship with my clients.. My principle psychological approach is  CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)., but I am also experienced in offering psychotherapy, mindfulness and counselling to both individuals and couples.  I work with where you are at, supporting you to where you want to be via working together towards achievable collaborative goal setting. I have extensive experience in assessing and treating the full range of psychological conditions.


I have found CBT to be effective and the treatment of choice in treating the following conditions:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • Obsessional Compulsive Neurosis,

  • phobic anxiety

  • bipolar disorder

  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • sleep disorder

  • panic disorder

  • eating disorder

  • drug and alcohol abuse

  • anger management

  • chronic pain

  • chronic fatigue

  • physical health problems

  • relationship issues

  • work-related stress

  • schizophrenia

  • psychosis

The ABC diagram above illustrates how A (the autonomic Nervous system which includes emotions and symptoms) affect both B (behaviour and C (thoughts0 of the individual. Also C (thoughts)  will impact B (behaviour)  and A (emotionEmotions and Symptoms will Affect C thinking and B behaviour.

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