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What my clients say

“Having reached the end of my therapy I wish to thank you again for a life changing and very positive experience. Your warmth and insight have been greatly appreciated”. J.B

“I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and skills in therapy with me. I have learnt so much and can’t believe that a little over 3 months ago I felt so out of control with anxiety. I am now living my life thanks to your guidance.”  D.R



"I have come away from our therapy sessions with much more insight on how my negative thinking and negative emotions have consumed my life and time in a bad way, Thank you for equipping me with healthier tools. I am now enjoying my life." A.P

"Carmel has really helped me to enjoy Life more. I used to be really stressed out about making more money. She has helped me turn my paralysing stress into renewed  confidence. It has resulted in more productivity and more income. I strongly recommend CBT to anyone!" A.B 


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